Patent Awarded for Virtual Try-On Technology

Embodee Corp. today announced in a news release that it has received a U.S. government patent for technology that fills a major void in online apparel shopping: the ability to try on garments virtually and accurately see how they fit and look.

Licensees of the company’s Online Try-On℠ can give their shoppers increased confidence that apparel they buy won’t have to be returned. For retailers the benefits are increased sales and reduced costs. By some apparel industry estimates each 1% reduction in returns increases net profit nearly an equal amount.

Unlike other virtual try-on methods, Embodee’s technology dynamically renders high-fidelity images of apparel items on models that accurately replicate body shapes of shoppers—in 3D. The apparel items are viewable from any angle.

“Imagine how difficult it would be for consumers if all physical clothing stores lacked actual fitting rooms,” said CEO André Wolper. “Yet this is the situation they face when attempting to purchase apparel online.”

“With this technology, what people see online during their virtual try-on or fitting session—no matter their location—is what they get when their clothing purchase is delivered.”

To learn more, the full text of the news release is available here.