Embodee Adds Footwear to Its 3D Visualization System

New York City (PRWEB) — Embodee Corp. today announced the development of a unique process to create vivid online 3D images of footwear and apparel accessories such as handbags, gloves, and hats. The development represents a significant extension of its garment digitization system.

The virtual products can be viewed from any angle and smoothly rotated, replicating a 360-degree video inspection. Another benefit: the products can be interactively revised with multiple design options if brands want to offer customers the ability to customize or personalize based on individual aesthetic tastes.

Embodee will demonstrate the imagery and its benefits on Oct. 31 in New York City at the Apparel Business and Technology Leadership Conference produced by Apparel magazine. Embodee CEO André Wolper will also lead two roundtable discussions themed “3D Apparel Experiences.”

Earlier this year, the company announced that its process for creating 3D garment images had been patented. A patent is pending for the company’s new development, and the patent application explains in detail the steps that take footwear and other physical objects from the real world and transform them into virtual ones.

Both processes make possible production of an unlimited volume of studio-quality images at lower incremental costs than conventional photography, images that evoke a sense of tactile realism.

“This is a natural evolution of our technology, a progression that expands the type and volume of products we can virtualize for present and future customers,” said Wolper. “It supports our mission of helping the industry increase efficiency and reduce waste via rich, interactive 3D visualization options.”

Using Embodee’s technology, brands can display virtual samples for merchandising to wholesalers and retailers, finished products for e-commerce sales–including those customized online–and for online try-on. Embodee’s customers include some of the world’s largest sports apparel brands.

The digital replicas of apparel–garments, footwear, and other pliable and non-pliable cut-and-stitched items–are created from the physical products. The replicas are dimensionally faithful to the original items. Their full range of visual detail is also captured and displayed with striking clarity, from color, texture, to subtleties such as shadowing.

The traditional method for taking and processing photos for online use is especially costly to show multiple points of view. But once an apparel item such as a shoe, shirt, or handbag has been digitized and processed into a 3D model, a computer can generate images equivalent to it having been photographed from any angle. The images are available on demand via any web-enabled device.

Embodee’s technology also can be used to augment existing technologies for creating 3D footwear and design of other apparel via CAD systems, which focus on manufacturing-oriented requirements such as patterns.

The process was invented by Wolper, CTO George Borshukov, and R&D Director Isabelle Haulin. Their backgrounds include long stints at companies such as Intel, Electronic Arts and French visual effects innovator BUF Compagnie. Their work included leading development of microprocessors and creating digital facial, skin and cloth rendering for movies, among them “The Matrix.”