Summer Shines on Embodee and Its 3D Imaging

The Embodee team has been basking in more than sunshine this summer. We’ve enjoyed an unprecedented season of attention: news about receiving a patent for our unique garment imaging technology, recognition for our revenue growth, and the honor of being named a finalist for a prestigious entrepreneurial award. Today brings more welcome attention from the Portland Business Journal and writer Joseph Gallivan.

The print edition headline: “Apparel in the third dimension: With executives from the film and semiconductor industries, Embodee Corp. is taking 3D technology to the apparel world. But is the apparel world ready?”

Some of the apparel world is indeed ready. As Gallivan points out, Embodee “has been expanding rapidly in sportswear, working with some of the top global sports brands.” He quotes founder and CEO André Wolper:

“Sports apparel companies are more techie and progressive. They stylize their athletes, and their websites have more of a game-like atmosphere.”

Gallivan also commented on the quality of our streaming 3D images. The products, he writes, “look good on screen, from multiple angles, thanks to Embodee’s rendering power. Fabric is especially realistic, having a drape and cling to it, a sense of friction and weight, and photorealistic texture.”

Our imagery helps the industry reduce waste and inefficiency in three ways: facilitating customization-personalization of apparel, merchandising or pre-sales of garment samples, and online try-on of garments.

We’re engaged globally in educating companies how our technology cuts costs and enables them to improve sales in the online world.

An assistant professor and director of Portland State University’s Athletic and Outdoor Program, Lauren Beitelspacher, summarized what’s ahead for us in summer’s eight remaining weeks and seasons to come.

“Embodee’s main competition,” she told Gallivan, “is to explain what they do and how it adds value.”