Scaling 3D for Fashion Online: From Creation to Publishing

Embodee’s web platform makes 3D apparel creation faster, more flexible, and more efficient for everyone from merchandisers and designers to marketers and salespeople.

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    Why Embodee

    Embodee’s web platform is an online creation & publishing platform designed to bring all the players in the product creation cycle together to easily co-create, review, revise and publish fashion and apparel products in 3D. Embodee gives you volume and speed so that you can get more done, faster.

    Who is it for?

    Embodee provides different apparel team members—designers, merchandisers, salespeople, marketers, manufacturers, and others—one place to create, collaborate, and publish 3D designs. Anyone can visually brainstorm, suggest changes, and add comments, helping products evolve rapidly. Everything happens online with an easy-to-use tool that speeds up production time and lets anyone contribute.

    What you get

    Easy & fast 3D variant creation

    Effortless collaboration

    Seamless sharing & publishing

    Success Story

    ”Takes us 2 days what used to take 10 days”
    ”What Embodee is offering is going to just take things to another level completely”

    Norlanka – Mid-size factory Sri Lanka

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