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Technological Advancements & Fashion’s Fulcrum for Change

In an article published today, Embodee assesses the fashion industry’s intensifying commitment to sustainability and reducing carbon emissions — and the factors driving it. The article was published by whichPLM, an online magazine focused on product lifecycle management for the retail, footwear, and apparel industries.

Here’s an excerpt:

“Underlying everything is the industry’s fulcrum for change — technology. Digital disruption has been slowly reshaping the industry and, as expected, not without persistent pockets of resistance. Nevertheless, technological advances have intensified, coincidental or not, with the urgency of climate change and mounting public pressure to correct the industry’s infamous record of pollution, overproduction, and waste.”

The article examines the technological advancements central to the value that Embodee delivers to its customers:

“Development and use of 3D design and product visualizations are among the technological advancements producing an array of as-yet fully realized benefits.”

Read the entire article here.

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What Most Influences You to Buy Products Online

Other than price, what’s the next most important factor that influences people to buy clothing and accessories?

Product images. More than 60% of consumers surveyed rated pictures of clothing and accessories as a top influence. That’s 1.5 times higher than the average importance of images for all product categories.

The answer comes courtesy of an insightful white paper, “Online Browsing Behaviors of the Apparel Shopper,” by HookLogic, a global leader in commerce search advertising. The white paper is based on a shopping-behavior survey of 500 consumers and an analysis of more than 11 million online transactions representing more than $1.2 billion in sales.

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Paths to Earning Business of Millenials

Like forest paths intersecting in a clearing, three seemingly disparate articles on our reading list today led to the same place.  

The subjects: 3D technology spurring mass customization, Patagonia’s new apparel line made from recycled garments and salvaged fabric swatches, and an expansive study of the age 25-to-34 crowd (aka millennials).

Far into the first article, posted on the blog of French software company Dassault Systèmes, noted mass customization expert B. Joseph Pine is quoted. He cites apparel as an example of an industry coming around to the benefits of mass customization, which enables consumers to personalize products before they’re made.

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3 Ways Touchscreens Influence Online Shoppers

Welcome, retailers. Today’s lesson: the power of touch.

According to recent academic research, online shoppers more highly value a product if they touch an image of it using a touchscreen instead of pointing at it via a computer mouse or touchpad.

Yes, yes, the margin-squeezed skeptics among you are silently scoffing: What difference does it make how they click to our wares?