As product design tools and manufacturing processes have grown in efficiency, the sheer volume of products and product version complexity have also increased.

The result? It's impractical and too limiting for brands and retailers to use ordinary photography to portray their product versions. That's where Embodee helps you create a fully digital, customizable virtual product experience that's superior to what your competitors offer.

Don’t have CAD models of your products available? Don’t worry. Just provide us with product samples and we'll use our patented digitization process to create perfect digital replicas. Pliable items are scanned in-house. Then, using software and artistry, we recreate them in 3D. For apparel products, we account for complex properties such as drape, weave, stretch, and reflections.

3D Renderings

Our mobile-friendly, hosted 3D-rendering service uses the highest-end graphics power and techniques. It powers all of the virtual product experiences we deliver, including for some of the world’s leading sports apparel companies. Why do they rely on Embodee's technology? Because we do for them what we can do for you: present your customizable products with a visual quality—and ease of customization—that makes them look and feel better than those of your competitors.

Experiencing your products can become interactive, fun, and compelling for your customers too. Because everything is 3D, they can personalize products the way they want and then look at their designs from any perspective to make their buying experience easy.