Depending on your needs, our leading-edge product suite offers turnkey
solutions for visually immersive interaction with your products—from team sports apparel, luxury fashion, and workwear, to shoes, accessories, and handbags.

For a guided tour of gBuilder, please play the video above


➤ A web application that enables rich, interactive, product customizations 

➤ Works on any device

➤ Integrates with your existing e-commerce platform

➤ Alternative to developing your own product builder from scratch

Complex customization rules hidden behind easy-to-use interface

➤ Skinnable to reflect your brand

➤ Evolves automatically courtesy of Embodee, keeping your website’s capabilities current and best-in-class


See gBuilder in Action


➤ Product data entry solution and repository for customizable products

➤ Gives you control of your product configuration options and logic

➤ Easy-to-use templates and product rule generator reduce time and human error

➤ Full control of text and graphic locations on products

➤ Ability to conform with any factory (production) data format

➤ Helps you efficiently publish and maintain small or large product assortments


➤  Already have 3D CAD models of your products? Use gCAD to easily convert them to web-enabled configurable products, leveraging existing in-house developments (where available) and reduce costs

➤ Apply and control features, materials, textures, and colors of your customizable products

➤ Upload your assets to our 3D rendering service to push your products “live” in your online store

➤ Coming soon: get the best possible product “look” from your CAD models with only a handful of easy-to-use attributes