Embodee's Orchids

Feature Reels

Easy Collaboration through On-product Comments & @Mentions

Easily add on-product comments and @mentions for instant communication and decision making between internal and external stakeholders.

Orchids Library

Copy and paste individual assets or the whole Library into other product lines making sharing materials, prints, effects, and colors simpler than ever.

Graphic Effects

Applying graphic effects to your 3D products is extra easy. Orchids allows you to: Add graphics effects to your Orchids Library, create new ones and augment effect with just a few clicks. 

3D File Size Optimization

Orchids lets you fine-tune model optimization settings for download and use in product marketing, e-commerce, AR/VR, virtual fit and the Metaverse.

Use Case: 3D Optimization & Presets with Jeans

See our optimization presets feature in action to optimize 3D models in seconds for endless uses. 

Orchids Graphic Layers

Improve variant design creation with the Graphics Layers features. Multiple graphics can be added to a single mesh or layered. 

Orchids' Measurement Specs

Users can measure distances from all sides of a graphic to the nearest guideline or type in a specific measurement for exact placement on a pattern or a mesh.


3D Variant Download

Download all 3D product variants created in Orchids, directly into your device.