Orchids 3D

We help you accelerate the product development process, create product variants and assortments in one place, make decisions and ultimately sell faster!

The Orchids platform reduces the reliance on physical samples and allows users to visually brainstorm online, and make comments as products evolve.

From design to review and final approval, it can all be done together as a team, with no 3D knowledge required!



Create variants with your team! Users can easily design products and create variants online in the Orchids Platform, using real time rendering of product variants such as colorways, materials, dynamic text and graphics, and drapes. 

Users from any discipline will have the ability to:


➤ personalize

add graphics

➤ change materials

…on 3D products from their browser without the need for heavy downloads or powerful machines.  

It’s an easy 1, 2, 3 process: Design, save and approve!  

Prior to Design, product owners can prepare the assets for use by: 

Setup product options: Make colors, materials, text and graphic options available to users within the Design tool

Create business rules: Setup rules to ensure product configurations stay within the boundaries of what is possible, such as branding and material / color restrictions

Test and release: Test the product options and rules to ensure that the product is ready for design and collaboration then release the product to the Design Tool for access by stakeholder.



The Assortments helps stakeholders visualize their entire collections in one place.

The Assortment Tool lets users:

➤ collaborate

➤ comment

➤ share ideas,

➤ draw

➤ take notes and

➤ add additional inspirational images for product lines. 

The Orchids Assortment tool allows any User to create boards and arrange many products on an easy-to-use free form canvas that helps visualize, present and share their entire collections.  

The  boards are completely dynamic. Each product that is added to an assortment is linked to a live variant from the Design Tool. When variants are altered or changed and saved in the Design Tool, these changes are automatically updated in the Assortment boards that they are in. This allows for an easy, intuitive, and streamlined workflow!

Assortments allow product variants, inspirational imagery, text and graphics to be displayed within a freeform canvas to beautifully present product lines and assortments. All Users have permissions to create, view and edit assortments independent of the original author of the Assortment.  Assortments are accessible and editable to any member of a Product Line.



Creating product variants and  assortments can be a challenging process given the amount of options, changes, back-and-forth and opinions that are involved.

Now teams can collectively contribute to product development and get the most out of their 3D by collaborating online simultaneously regardless of their location. 

Users can annotate and comment on product designs, assign tasks to coworkers and partners, and save designs to be accessed later, anytime, anywhere.  

Communicate effectively with your team by commenting and annotating on product and in context with the latest product assets and options.



Organize, search and find your assets!

The Grid provides fast and fun browsing through near instantaneous load times and zero limits to collection size.  Search and filtering across all assets is easy, using product metadata such as collection, season, titles, descriptions and tags.

As demand for shorter design life cycles continues to rise for brands across all industries, finding products and assets quickly is key for successful product development and product-line rollouts.  

Users can also browse visually with Embodee’s on-demand real time rendering service providing near photorealistic renderings of all products.

In the Grid Users can: 

Organize products into collections for distribution

Group products

Share with key stakeholders and targeted buyers

Share and quickly find products and assets by name, description, tag or other metadata associated with them

Create product lines form the Grid to enable a broader spectrum of product categorization and product permissions

The Grid is scalable to grow with any business!

Browse endlessly through displays of product designs, assets and inspirations knowing there are no limits to collection or product line size.



The Library organizes and stores colors, prints, fonts, materials and graphics. Assets can be grouped and assigned to Sets which can then easily be reused in a wide range of products.

The Orchids Library allows Users to create and store reusable assets, organize them for easy accessibility and use across products.

Users can:

Import owned libraries of materials

Create Sets of each asset category to organize collection material

Decrease set up time

➤ Help eliminate human error when setting up products for design

Store and access reusable product assets online!

Import & Enhance

Import & Enhance

The Orchids platform is all about making the best use of your 3D by fulfilling digital ambitions and helping teams deliver.

To start working in the Orchids Platform, Users are able to:

➤ Import 3D models from any major 3D apparel design software including CLO, Browzwear, Optitex, Gerber and others

➤ Prepare for use, group meshes into customizable parts, add dynamic graphic and text and create components! Components are groups of geometry meshes that can have one or more configurable options 

➤ Enhance and develop the product’s look and feel. Add photorealism to every product and establish consistent ‘look’ across product range – apparel, footwear, accessories

➤ Share your product with other Users to be reviewed and approved for release to broad audiences



Beautifully rendered, curated assets can be shared and connected for a variety of uses. The Orchids platform can easily connect with others.

Release inline and custom products into key sales channels with ease.

Delivery Targets:

eCommerce Platforms

➤ Digital showrooms

➤ Sell-in Tools

➤ Marketing materials

➤ Market Testing