Ioannis Dritsas
3D Software Developer

Ioannis is a special breed of technical artist. Not only does he have a rich science and engineering background, he also has a PhD in a branch of physics called computational photonics. (Think using computer simulations to study the properties and propagation of light.)

While Ioannis has a goal of devising code that advances how the brain perceives light after it interacts with matter, he’s engaged day-to-day in creating 3D “shaders.” A partial laymen’s definition: “a set of algorithms that determines how 3D surface properties of objects are rendered.”

This means that, like many of his colleagues, much of his time is spent staring at computer screens and working to create the magic behind Embodee’s realistically rendered products.

Earlier in his career, Ioannis was part of the fiber-optics industry and later made the jump to game development, including 3D number games with animations for the IOS platform.

Ioannis divides his time between London and his birthplace, Athens, Greece. That’s where, to escape computer screens, he runs along the edge of a forest. The air, he says, is redolent of pine resin and wild thyme crunching beneath his feet. While striding along he remains wary of what lurks hidden amid the trees, wolves that so far prefer deer over geeks.