Ian Mull
Production Artist

In our unique process of transforming products from the physical to the virtual, Ian specializes in 3D modeling, simulating, and texturing apparel, footwear, and accessories.

Ian joined the Embodee team after a stint with Refuge VFX, where his most memorable gig was working on the NBC series Grimm. His TV work included motion tracking, lighting, 3D modeling, and simulated effects such as fire and smoke.

Originally from Whitefish, Montana, he moved to Portland to attend The Art Institute of Portland, where he received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in media arts and animation.

Even at home he works to stay ahead of the fast-evolving world of 3D. This includes making sculptures using a 3D printer. He’s also artistic in the analog world (painting, drawing, and clay sculpting) and revels in the great outdoors (snowboarding, mountain biking, and camping) with his wife and two dogs.