Selling custom products online is challenging. Possible problems facing online retailers range from displaying the sheer number of combinations to lack of internal resources and technology solutions. We solve the problems, making it easy for you to prepare, customize, and publish your fashion products as a visually stunning 3D buying experience.

Learn about our cloud-based, turnkey solutions for state-of-the-art online fashion customization and personalization of apparel, footwear, and accessories.



Our products are tailored to your needs. gComposer, a data-entry input solution for product setup, supports large volumes of customizable products and lets you control configuration options. gBuilder enables rich interactive product customizations integrated with your website. gViewer, a lighter verstion of gBuilder, is ideal for offering products with limited customization options.



Integral to how we help is our Hosted 3D Rendering Service. Vivid images of your products are dynamically rendered and streamed to your website as customers choose design options. To create the images, we use either your 3D CAD product models, which we enhance, or our patented Digitization Service. This service turns your physical products into high-resolution 3D virtual version.


Embodee offers product management and configuration tools that enable you to set up custom products online at scale. Using our products, you can feature custom fashion on your website — from the luxurious to the athletic. Easy to integrate, our products deliver lasting benefits.


➤ Product data entry solution and repository for customizable products

➤ Gives you control of your product configuration options and logic

➤ Easy-to-use templates and product rule generator reduce time and human error

➤ Full control of text and graphic locations on products

➤ Ability to conform with any factory (production) data format

➤ Helps you efficiently publish and maintain small or large product assortments

Play the video for a guided tour of gBuilder


➤ A web application that enables rich, interactive, product customizations

➤ Works on any device

➤ Integrates with your existing e-commerce platform

➤ Alternative to developing your own product builder from scratch

➤ Complex customization rules hidden behind easy-to-use interface

➤ Skinnable to reflect your brand

➤ Evolves automatically courtesy of Embodee, keeping your website’s capabilities current and best-in-class

Click to see gBuilder in action

Click the Chloé handbag to see gViewer in action. Test customize and personalize more products here.


➤ Slimmed-down alternative to gBuilder, our feature-rich customization platform

➤ Perfect tool for product personalization and simple customization

➤ Add text, change colors, zoom, and experience 360-degree views to see products in vivid detail

➤ Product “viewport” into Embodee’s advanced 3D rendering service

➤ Shoppers see your products in 3D detail as they personalize them

➤ Integrated into your e-commerce websites via JavaScript snippet and easy-to-learn API


Why do brands rely on Embodee’s services? Because we do for them what we can do for you: virtualize your products, delivering superior 3D visual quality and interactivity. This enables you to feature custom products for your customers, making online shopping creative and fun.

Hosted 3D Renderings

➤ Dynamically display virtual products via the cloud

➤ Advanced lighting algorithms deliver best-in-class realism

➤ Supported materials: variety of cloth fabrics, leather, plastic, rubber and more

➤ Range of textures, colors, text, other embellishments rendered on demand

➤ Renderings delivered on the fly as shoppers choose design options

➤ Data centers feature accelerated 3D renderers, highest graphics power


Two ways to create virtual versions of your products:

➤ 1. Have 3D CAD files? We convert them into web-enabled, configurable products

➤ Then we significantly enhance the visual quality and accuracy of product materials, textures, and colors

➤ 2. No CAD files? Send us physical samples for digitization

➤ Samples are scanned using our patented process to create exact 3D replicas

➤ Drape, weave, stretch, and more are precisely replicated