Customization is our legacy. 

Getting customers to buy your products is a challenge. We know this because, for over 10 years, Embodee has created and provided solutions to help the fashion and apparel industry beautifully showcase their products and allow customers to interact, customize, and easily visualize their final products in 3D.

Throughout the years, we’ve seen the hurdles that many face in their quest to more digital processes and when developing products and getting them to market. We believe that the industry needs new tools that support the need for volume and speed when working in 3D, and for better digital product creation.

This is why we’ve created a brand new solution, (drumroll please!) Embodee’s Orchids! The Orchids web platform goes beyond all our previous solutions to focus on the development of product variations and product lines in 3D online and helps brands, retailers and others go to market faster. It is an all-in-one platform where you can prepare, design, and share your fashion products as a stunning 3D experience.

Focused on customization? No problem, Orchids gives you full control of configuration options, allowing you and your team to create what you need. Contact us for more information!