Orchids Platform


Orchids connects with popular e-commerce platforms like Shopify and Magento for automatic product variant embedding. Customers will be able to rotate products 360° to get a view from all angles, plus they select any variant to see exactly what they’ll get before they order.

Want to display 3D models on your site yourself? With just one click, you can create HTML embed code to manually insert an interactive rendering of a product on any web page.

And that’s not all. Orchids also integrates with materials tools like swatchbook and Pointcarre, and PLM platforms like DeSL, Upchain, Arena, and Fusion 360 Manage. Live connections ensure that all your systems will stay up to date—automatically.

Need to export? Orchids makes downloading 2D product images dead simple for anything from in-house sell-in to social media to e-commerce. Plus, you can export products images as individual, turntable, or whole set views—in just a few clicks.

Embeddable 3D Viewer