Orchids Platform


Each team member can use Orchids to visualize colors, materials, prints, and graphics on their products in seconds. And 3D technical designers can be freed from low-level production work, so they can focus on creating new products.

Orchids gives users the power to create sets and apply prints and graphics to 3D models to quickly see new variants. And regardless of source, different asset types will render consistently for hassle-free creation.

Change materials and colors.

Just a few clicks, and you can easily create new product renderings. Plus, import color and materials libraries or create new ones right inside Orchids.

Apply prints and graphics.

Upload, position, and scale prints and graphics, and then apply them to any product instantly. No need to rely on your 3D designer or 2D software—it’s apparel design built for anyone.

Build product collections.

Assemble sets of items in an unlimited canvas that automatically updates as you make changes to individual products. Plus, customize them with notes, backgrounds, files, and images for planning, presentation, or organization.

Let anyone contribute.

Work with design components just by dragging, dropping, and grouping. Using the built-in tools, multiple people can develop and adjust look and feel across entire product lines—simultaneously—for shorter design cycles and scalable digital product creation.