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Welcome to Our Monthly Newsletter

This just in: today we published the first edition of NewsBytes, Embodee’s monthly summary of apparel and footwear industry news, focusing on the latest product personalization and customization technology.

Here’s a sneak peak at our September headlines:

  • Retail tech investment: big dividends
  • Virtual catwalks and
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Mytheresa’s growing product mix, global reach

With over US$350 million in annual sales in 140 countries, Mytheresa is among the world’s largest luxury online retailers. The company 32-year evolution from a brick-and-mortar retailer in Munich, Germany has been extensively documented. Today, Mytheresa is navigating an increasingly competitive online landscape in the luxury sector, and its strategy deserves a close look. 

A recent interview with company president and chief executive Michael Kliger, who was hired in 2015, the year after the Neiman Marcus Group bought Mytheresa, provides insightful answers. Kliger’s approach to running and growing the company is a study in simplicity and pragmatism.

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Apparel-Footwear Industry’s Digital Transformation

The apparel and footwear industry, like so many others, continues a long and difficult transformation: overhauling how it works to leverage the revolutionary advantages of digital and 3D technologies. 

Historically resistant to change, the industry is now moving more rapidly to revamp the processes of a fading analog world, soldiering through the disruption and adopting new technology-driven methods for design, manufacturing, sales, and many things in between.

For evidence, look no further than last month’s PI Apparel NY conference. It featured 45 presentations, focus groups, think tank discussions, and keynote talks about the transformation’s benefits and challenges. Attendees gleaned lessons learned from the innovations of many companies, including major industry brands such as VF Corp., Under Armour, and Perry Ellis.

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Technology Heavyweight Joins the Embodee Team

We’ve made a key addition on the technology side of our executive team. Nikolay Popov has joined Embodee as director of engineering for software development to accelerate the company’s already significant technical and product success.

Nikolay brings nearly a quarter century of experience in a wide array of tech-related roles and projects. Most were focused on analyzing, architecting, and developing complex information systems, as well as dealing with multiple platforms and runtime environments.

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Welcome to Our New Sales and Marketing VP

Our executive team is growing in an important way at an important time. We’ve hired Yoram Burg, a highly experienced executive who has many years of experience selling and marketing technology in our space.

Yoram’s focus? Spreading the word far and wide about Embodee’s global-leading 3D virtual product experiences

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Hitting the Big Apple to Preview Something Equally Big

Embodee heads to New York City next week to give fashion, apparel, and footwear industry leaders a hush-hush, no-media-allowed preview of a significant advancement in our delivery of 3D virtual product experiences.

The event, June 17-18, is PI Apparel NY, a Product Innovation forum for discussing challenges and technologies disrupting the industry. Themes include lessons from brands leading the pack in digital transformation and use of 3D.

Embodee executives will give a sneak peek of the company’s next-generation platform for 3D rendering of fashion products.

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Brainstorming and Fun in the Tropics

We’re a small technology company whose staffers enjoy a special benefit during the height of winter: a biennial all-hands gathering at our corporate HQ in tropical San Juan, Puerto Rico.

This year the Embodee team, based in the United States and Europe, converged last month in San Juan, starting the new year after significant and still-ongoing staff growth and marking the start of ambitious plans for the coming years.

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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing!

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Latest Luxury Market Venture: Customizable Handbags

Our growth in the luxury apparel, footwear, and accessories market continues, courtesy of our third collaboration with, one of the world’s leading luxury online retailers.

We’ve just launched versions of three Chloé handbags, enabling shoppers to customize the color and personalize with

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New York City, Here We Come

We love showing why Embodee is a leader in empowering apparel and footwear companies to offer shoppers customizable products online. No better place to do this than in New York City, where we’re headed for the Product Innovation Apparel conference on June 19-20.

On both days our team will demonstrate the company’s

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Making Possible the ‘Ultimate in Customization’

A notable Japanese design magazine, AXIS, has featured Embodee in an edition exploring the future of fashion powered by technology.

“Among the waves of technology surging in the world of fashion today, approaches developed apart from the conventional fashion system and its customs stand out,” wrote Silicon-Valley-based journalist Noriko Takiguchi. “Various leading-edge technologies are solving issues fashion faces and are providing unexpected possibilities.”

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Telling the Embodee Story: Serving Target Market of One

Embodee hit the conference circuit last week, demonstrating the benefits of our visually stunning virtual product experiences at the Product Innovation Apparel conference in Los Angeles. The conference was billed as an opportunity to “discover the technologies disrupting the fashion, apparel, and footwear industry.”

The steady flow of attendees at Embodee’s booth saw demos of our products and solutions on a large display screen. On another screen they watched customizations of apparel and footwear products by shoppers around the globe using four of our customers’ websites, miAdidasmiTeamReebok, and KnotStandard.

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Another Successful Customization Launch with

We’ve finished a limited duration, highly successful product customization offering with, one of the world’s leading online retailers for women’s luxury fashion.

Using our patented process for transforming physical samples of products into 3D digital models, we created a virtual customizable version of a Burberry leather card holder. High-fidelity images of the card holder were dynamically rendered in real time as shoppers personalized them.

The options consisted of three different colors and a monogram in five different colors.

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Broadening Work with Fashion Retailers, Brands

We have news to announce: Embodee is collaborating with one of the world’s leading online retailers for women’s luxury fashion, Our patented technology will enable’s customers to interact with high-fidelity 3D renderings of Gucci footwear and customize it.

Embodee, which has long counted some of the industry’s pre-eminent sports apparel companies among its customers, recently broadened its focus to include luxury fashion retailers and brands.

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Major Expansion, Upgrade of San Juan Data Center

Bigger, better, faster. That best summarizes a recently completed major expansion and upgrade to our data center in San Juan, Puerto Rico. It was the third round of growth since the data center went live in January 2016.

The five-month project included deployment of nVidia Tesla M10 GPU cards and related GPU server hardware. The result: a big increase in the capacity and speed of servers that dynamically render 3D images of apparel and footwear on our customers’ websites.   

Just in time to handle the growth of our customers’ customization businesses.