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Orchids™ Web Platform Achieves New Milestone

The Embodee team is in full-speed-ahead mode, achieving a major milestone in development of its Orchids™ web platform that will change how the apparel industry creates, designs, and ultimately sells products.  (more…)

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Going Digital with Fashion the Orchids Way

Judging from their thumbs-up reviews, fashion industry players in 19 countries enjoyed their front row seats last month for Embodee’s first in a series of webinars about our new Orchids™ web platform(more…)

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Embodee Announces Beta for New 3D Web Platform

We announced some big news today: our new Orchids™ web platform will be available in limited beta release starting Nov. 1. 

The platform integrates nearly all aspects of digital product creation and development online. (more…)

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How to Help PLMs Maximize Benefits of 3D

This week we examined a complex and timely issue for the online magazine WhichPLM: the need for full integration of virtual 3D products with product lifecycle management systems serving the fashion industry. 

The issue is timely because PLMs have been unable to use 3D technology to its maximum potential as the

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3D Fashion and Lack of Interoperability

Writing for a leading online industry magazine, Embodee has examined a key issue facing the fashion industry as its embrace of digitization technologies tightens. The issue at hand is interoperability, or lack thereof, for 3D design and the display of virtual products.

As technology innovations are unveiled to solve problems and improve operations, it’s not unusual for new problems to emerge in their wake. That’s the case with the development of 3D design tools for apparel and footwear, which have been a watershed advancement. But, as we wrote for WhichPLM, unfortunately not all stakeholders can use the 3D visual elements to their fullest potential, yet. Our solution:

“An effective way to enhance the innovations that have vastly improved how the fashion industry works is to introduce a cloud-based platform for working with 3D assets, created using the various client-based authoring tools.”

The article explores much more.

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See How Orchids™ Platform Works with PLM, Other Solutions

Embodee’s new 3D web platform was featured last month at a virtual industry event, LiveWorx20, which explored digital tools, strategic solutions, and emerging technologies that are “transforming companies worldwide.” The company’s Orchids™ platform was part of a session called Integrated Digital Product Creation in an Era of Marketplace Disruption. The platform integrates all aspects of digital product creation and easily connects and interacts with other industry solutions.

The video shows how the Orchids platform’s work flow integrates with PTC FlexPLM, a leading product lifecycle management solution that helps companies bring innovative products to market faster. Embodee partnered with PTC and Kalypso to develop its part of the video.

Scheduled for full release later this year, the Orchids platform is being trialed by various brands, retailers, and third-party providers. The SaaS-based platform is designed to serve the fashion industry’s need to accelerate product development, reduce costs, collaborate, and publish 3D images for both inline and custom products via the web..

When combined with a PLM solution such as FlexPLM, the platform syncs 3D assets from any 3D-authoring tool, as well as materials and color libraries. Then it enables artists, product managers, and other users to set up product options and variants for broad use across a company or vendor base.

The Embodee portion of the video begins at 19:15. For a demo of the Orchids platform, register here.

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New 3D Web Platform Bridges Fashion Industry Gap

Embodee has started taking the wraps off its most ambitious endeavor since the company was founded 12 years ago. It’s the development of a 3D web platform that integrates every aspect of digital product creation — from conception to assortment creation to vibrant, interactive online experiences.

The Orchids™ platform fills a significant gap that exists between the desire of brands and retailers to go digital, and the tools that are available to help them do so. This is why Embodee created the platform as a way to bridge the market’s digital ambitions and brands’  ability to actually put them into action.

The SaaS-based web platform is built around the idea of importing 3D assets for easy collaboration and sharing among users. They can visually brainstorm, annotate suggested changes, and make other comments as a team — anywhere and anytime — as products evolve through the creative process, from design, review, refinement, and final approval.

“With the increasing adoption of 3D authoring solutions comes the question of how a wider audience can leverage products created in these solutions and for purposes other than just rapid prototyping,” says Embodee CEO André Wolper. “We saw the need to create an accessible, self-provisioned platform where anyone with a stake in the product design process, not just technical staff, can contribute to the creation of 3D products, create variants on the fly, and publish their work in high-impact 3D.”

An article in The Interline, an online publication dedicated to fashion and retail technology, explores more features of the Orchids platform and how its development fits into a fashion industry accelerating the embrace of all things digital.

A select group of companies is test-driving and critiquing the latest iteration of the platform so Embodee ensures it meets the needs of future customers. The platform will be officially released in the second half of 2020.

To learn more about the Orchids platform, visit

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Technological Advancements & Fashion’s Fulcrum for Change

In an article published today, Embodee assesses the fashion industry’s intensifying commitment to sustainability and reducing carbon emissions — and the factors driving it. The article was published by whichPLM, an online magazine focused on product lifecycle management for the retail, footwear, and apparel industries.

Here’s an excerpt:

“Underlying everything is the industry’s fulcrum for change — technology. Digital disruption has been slowly reshaping the industry and, as expected, not without persistent pockets of resistance. Nevertheless, technological advances have intensified, coincidental or not, with the urgency of climate change and mounting public pressure to correct the industry’s infamous record of pollution, overproduction, and waste.”

The article examines the technological advancements central to the value that Embodee delivers to its customers:

“Development and use of 3D design and product visualizations are among the technological advancements producing an array of as-yet fully realized benefits.”

Read the entire article here.

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Visualization Market Value Forecast to Soar

The global market for visualization and 3D rendering software is forecast to increase at a compound annual growth rate of 17.3% by 2027, a report concludes. That’s good news for Embodee, which the report’s author, Credence Research, identifies as among 13 prominent companies serving the market.

The market’s total value was USD $970.5 million in 2018, and the report predicts it will reach nearly $3.5 billion by 2027.

“Growing infrastructure development and rising demand for 3D visualization are the major factors driving the market growth,” Credence wrote in a summary of its report. “User-friendly interface, less cost, precise renderings, and other benefits of the software are also helping the market growth.”

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Embodee Technology to Improve Digital Showrooms

Today we announced a collaboration with Byond to deliver real-time customization and personalization of fashion products for the company’s digial showrooms. Byond’s customers will benefit from a more robust virtual experience via the freedom to change design options and inspect them in vivid detail.

Embodee founder

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Thanks for a Good Year, and Watch for Big News Ahead


With 2019 and the decade almost over, we wanted to take a moment to express gratitude for all that we accomplished this year — from starting our industry newsletter, being a solution for some of you,  and to soon becoming a solution provider for everyone!

In 2020, Embodee will introduce the industry’s

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Embodee Teams Up With Music Star Daddy Yankee

We announced big news today: Embodee has joined forces with one of the world’s best-known music stars, Daddy Yankee, to create an online store so his fans can customize and purchase limited-edition Daddy Yankee hats. It’s part of an effort to commemorate his career and passion for individual expression.

The Daddy

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Delivering News You Need to Know

Hot off our virtual press today is our monthly newsletter, NewBytes. In this the November edition we examine a range of technology-related developments and other worthy topics of interest to those in or serving the apparel and footwear industries.

Here are the headlines to pique your interest:

  • Digital samples saving

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Deeper Look at Growing Customization Trend

In July this year, we wrote in this space about the rapidly increasing interest in online product customization and personalization among consumers and industry insiders. It’s a topic of critical importance to our business, given that our dynamically rendered 3D images of apparel, footwear, and accessories play an

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NewsBytes: Monthly Industry Highlights

The October edition of NewsBytes, our monthly newsletter, is hot off our virtual press. To entice you to dive in, here are the intriguing headlines:

  • Customization twist: change color of your shoes anytime

  • Nice shirt, dude, but does it play music?

  • Technology-focused formula for customization success

  • We