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André Wolper
CEO & Founder 

The need was simple but not the solution: how could shoppers buy jeans online with confidence they would fit? The question loomed as both opportunity and challenge, and together they were the catalyst for André, our CEO, to found Embodee in 2008. Starting a company to create visualization technology for the apparel industry was a logical step given his background and expertise.

It also was a chance to lead an entrepreneurial venture outside the cocoon of large companies where he had spent his career. The venture began after André’s tenure as CEO of the U.S. subsidiary of Mental Images, Inc., a company now part of NVIDIA and specializing in image rendering and 3D modeling for the entertainment, computer-aided design, and scientific visualization industries.

He also had a diverse 20-year career at Intel, starting as a microprocessor architect and culminating as a general manager and director of Intel Capital, the company’s venture arm. He was co-architect of Intel’s first superscalar microprocessor, co-founder and leader of its MMX & AGP technologies, general manager of its first tablet product, and helped to close a $5.2 billion joint venture to supply Apple with memory.

André has a B.S.C.S from Portland State University and holds patents in microprocessor design and apparel digitization methods.

His most recent venture was high seas adventure: a trans-Atlantic sailing journey with five others. When on land he trains what he calls a small herd of Stuttgart ponies, a euphemism for a high horsepower, finely engineered, very fast car.